Thursday, October 11, 2012

Current Portfolio

I turned in my application! and this is what it looks like.... don't tell me what is wrong with it... please... i don't wanna know anymore... i'll just start freaking out again. AFTER I GET THE RESULTS FEEL FREE TO TELL ME! ha ha


  1. hey pat, the sketches on the two last pages are getting cluttered. organize them in a fashion where it would seem organized and designed yea yea? and if you dont know what to put for the last page, then it's okay. maybe you dont need a last page :) just put the work you're most happy with in there and good luck~

    p.s your figures looks gooodd buddy :D

    1. Thanks cat :) ya, i'm just putting the last few pages together, they will be a mixture of comps and a forest line drawing, my 51a flare gun i am making this semester. and also my midterm reel for 51b. :) thanks for the crit :D!!. lol and thanks for the compliment on my figures :) There are some extreme mistakes with them... but they are almost there :) lol

  2. What Cat said. The only thing I'd say to really, really take out is the figure in the middle of your first page. There are proportion and anatomy issues with it. I'm really liking the feel of the figure on the right on page 2 :) The guy on the right on page 5.... I don't think he deserves to be the biggest on the page cuz there's something wrong with his butt where it connects to the leg. Instead, make the sketch in the middle bigger. It's the best one on that page. Also, is this going to be your layout? If so, make your cover page simple, but compose it well! Good work, Patrick! You've gotten so much better from last semester! :D