Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Occupied time

first! I have been writing a story for the past year or sooo... its way too complicated.... i created an epic... i'm a fool... but that's OK :)! I love dreaming big! but anyway! I chose to start doing art for it by first making the main character.... this could be called my first viz dev ish thing I have ever done... soo i didn't know what i was doing....

so i first started describing the young man i was trying to depict, The environment was a floating Britain on the sea mixed with a canal like Venice feel to it. the main character is a orphan of one of the engineers who built the city.15 years old, kinda a genius, read through his father's books and found the method to which he helped build the city and why it is floating upon the sea and decided... hey! I'm gonna make that, and put it on my hands and use it for my own purposes. but ya! that's a synopsis of him... there is way more to the story... i'll explain later....

so i started doing comps..
I didnt really  know what the hell i was doing... so i just pressed onward...  and i fell in love with a shape.... i think u can see what i am talking about... and couldn't really escape it... cause i couldn't really see this kid any other way.... 

but anyway. i pressed onward... and did a pencil sketch of him

felt... weird about it... like something was horribly wrong... didn't really understand if i was doing much right... so i decided to take a step back... and try a story that is more set in stone. put this on the shelf and return when I'm more prepared... or move on! we'll see...

I remember my friend worked on a project where he took a Greek god and made his own rendition of that god. I don't remember every detail have that project but, it seems like a good start. there is tons of "facts" on who these gods were and what they were like. So I began by choosing a god.
Chronos or Aion, god of Time
not to be mistaken with Cronus, titan, and father of Zeus
he seemed cool. and i had 3 ideas of ways i could approach this

1. put Chronos in a specific time period.... say the 1920s
2. Make Chronos, as if he belonged in the League of Legends universe
3. Make Chronos a smart ass 11 year. It is plausible that the all knowing god of time could reverse his own time... so, why not make him a all knowing smart ass 11 year old, that doesn't listen to anyone and thinks he knows everything. (kinda like 11 year old or teenagers do) but he really does know everything... cause hes the god of time and lives in all states of time, the past present and future.  

but anyway, i chose to do all 3, but start with the second one, to get all stereotypical ideas out of the way. 
here are some thumbs! 

gonna make more thumbs, but thought I'd show where i am so far ha ha. i was playing with the idea that the weapon was called the "hand(s) of fate"

What do u imagine when I tell you an object is called the "Hand(s) of Fate"?