Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Doctor Who SP

quick little speed paint cause I've been watching doctor who all day and this is a lil taste of season 2 episode 12!

Monday, December 26, 2011

speed paints and sketching

Speed paint!! Photo from she has some awesome photos. I like the compositions in them! I'm definately going back to her gallery and stealing her work to paint.. i mean... use as reference... I also decided to wonder around downtown SJ today and ran into James Morgan (adviser for the Game Dev Club and Teacher in the Digital Media dept) at Caffe Frascati (cafe trieste). I sketched a bit while i was there :) The people sketches i stopped early cause it got annoying and the stuff i did well was getting worse. 

time: way too long

Sunday, December 25, 2011


Here it is! The Christmas Day post! Here are a couple sketches I've done in the past few days and then after those I have my color rendering final from last semester. Unfinished, but ill go back and fix it sometime during the break! 
AFTER that I posted my most recent work. My friends and I had this secret santa Illustration thing and my recipient was Hannah Duenwald! One of her songs of choice was 1985 by bowling for soup. I kinda went on a Tangent with this... I gathered the song was about a person who is living the life of a house wife/mom and she is not fulfilling her dreams. I wasn't quite feeling it!  so i took the dreams aspect and the quadrillion paths a person can go and then I was like wait whenever i imagine that kind of stuff I'm in this dark forest with a bunch of paths, and then since i am a gamer nerd I thought of Kokiri village/forest/temple from Ocarina of time and bam, that's how i got to here. Now that I think about it i should have used Saria as reference for the girl.... >_<  I hope she like it... MERRY CHRISTMAS HANNAH!! I'll be continuing work on this after today... cause i actually liked doing this a lot and I want to finish... lol

Monday, December 19, 2011

The Semester of Pain ended nicely!

Hey Hey

This past semester has been the most depressing semester in college for various reasons. Drama practically consumed the latter half of my semester causing me to hit a wall in my drawing and painting... I feel like a backtracked about a year... sigh... It ended nicely though. I got over whatever issues i was having and moved onward! My color rendering turned out pretty well too. It has been  awhile since I got a project to a point where i am actually satisfied with it. for now... its not perfect but it'll do for now. I'll go back to it sometime during winter break!
winter break plans:
2. I gotta get my figure drawing skill up
3. Level 1 of the video game i'm working on is still not done... so i must finish it
4. speed painting everyday.
5. Film studies, gonna watch a film and board every change of camera angle to learn how they compose the shot
6. relax... a lil bit...

I'll upload my color rendering once I figure out why my scanner is being lame!

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

The Most Amazing Drive Home Ever!

I left the art building around 6:15 after finishing my color grid to find the foggiest I had ever seen San Jose be... I get in my car and start my drive home and literally couldn't see anything. Scared to death, I started to get on the highway and I notice how awesome everything looked. it felt like I was zooming through space and time or something and the only other things i could see were the other space travelers zooming by with there lights on, and then i noticed the fog and all the lights shooting through it and the amazing colors I saw. I think i just saw my color grid with all the values. all the colors and everything was amazing. :) the colors were dancing. Its  moments like these that makes the struggle to learn worth while!

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

i shouldn't be doing this at 5:30 in the morning...

i had started this a long time ago and busted out the actual big sized comp in about and hour... im not really happy with it... so im gonna go back to the basic black and white shape and work from that cause i really like the shapes in it... blah!!

Monday, October 10, 2011

stuff to do ha ha... save me!

I haven't posted in a while and I think it's about time I did to just remind people that i'm still alive! I'm extremely busy with work and school at the moment. I have a bajillion things to do before november. 1.B&W rendering 2.Pull a portfolio together for the review (Whether i actually apply is still pending) 3. Finish a good portion of level 1 of Project Pants destruction's game in preperation for their live performance and demo release at a Gallery in Downtown San Jose! >_< wish me luck! facebook event info!! :DOOMSDAY MACHINES/PROJECT PANTS DESTRUCTION FACEBOOK EVENT!

Here is my reference photo for my B&W Rendering. GOAL finish in 2-3 weeks!

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Hey hey! it has been quite a while! I've been extremely busy and have not had time to post everything I have done, so let’s just put something that I have done today! As said in my last post I have been working on my game and the design of the lizard nomad. While simultaneously learning flash and here is what I have got. 

 Still tweaking it a bit, but I think I’ll start animating it soon.

Wednesday, June 22, 2011


This one turned out to be way harder than I thought. I need to study my facial rhythms and planes

Saturday, June 18, 2011

Its been a lil while since i last posted, so here is what i have been doing! this is some of my drawings from a trip to the zoo and a trip to Santana row. There is also a speed paint of a movie still. not too happy with it. I haven't been keeping up with my speed paint routine, need to get back on that.  

lol thats diem. i wrote parris there cause she asked me what my bro's name was. i said it and she asked like Paris hilton?! XD 

Sunday, June 5, 2011

Angry Dojo

I have been charged with coming up with some designs for the main character! Sadly, that hasn't been going well, and I have just been throwing random stuff into my sketch book to see what works. I am not ready to show that stuff. For now I am doing a little concept art for the game.

Its not pretty, but its a sketch. I am still changing stuff. 
I want this done soon so I can move on to seriously getting that character done ha ha. 


No art work for this post, just a short run through of my plans for the summer. I have many things I wanna get done by the end of summer. Mainly because I know when school begins, I can only handle a good 20 % of all the things I want to do. Most if not all of my attention during school is on my art classes and everything else just kinda drifts into nothingness. Therefore this summer is my chance to gain about 13-15 years of mileage i am missing compared to the people around me.

First, as far as gaining mileage! I am currently trying to get at least 1 or two speed paintings done every day. I am also going out and plein air painting every chance i get. It seems that with the current work schedule and other projects, I should be able to do 2-4 a week. I also have to step up my game for figure drawing as I am very behind! I need to be so much better than I am right now if I have any chance to pass the portfolio review next semester.

I am also a part of a few other projects this summer.
1.I am a part of a group called Angry Dojo. This is a group of artists, a writer, Musicians and programmers and we are making a music album, and a video game to follow that story portrayed on the album. The game in particular will be episodic. We are still in the planning stages. We have a story for the first few episodes and we are currently designing the main character for the game. from there we should have a better understanding of the style and we can progress from there! I am also producing a bit of concept art for the game right now. Check out my next post!  ha ha, I'll put up the line art. Check out more info on the game and the music on the tumblr page:

2. Another project that is happening this summer is a short film. We currently have a team of 17 people and we will be having many long nights in the animation lab! We will be entering the film into the digital media competition for imagine cup 2012! As of now, we are trying to come up with stories we could portray that would show some way to better the world.

3. I am also making a video game with my good bud David Do. We also plan to enter this game into imagine cup 2012 in the video game competition. More details soon. We are still throwing around ideas!

4. I started playing DND and I believe we are planning to begin a little comic based on our adventures ha ha. Should be fun :)

O I also have a job. Must go to that twice a week.

WOW thats a lot! wish me luck guys! I'll post some updates on the different projects here and on

Saturday, June 4, 2011

speed paint ..... rawr

I spent a good 2-3 hours on this, on accident >_< I just got so caught up in making stuff right that i forgot the timelimit. and here I am... unsatisfied sighs!!!!! lol... Chris Sanchez stopped me from doing anymore to it ha ha.... Wow i spent way too much time on this... anyway here it is. I kinda started it at 2:00 am yesterday and continued working on it at 6 pm.... o well, lesson learned. a speed paint is a speed paint if it has a TIME LIMIT!


-Patrick Khachi

Friday, June 3, 2011


I missed a day o darn, i didn't stop drawing though! ha ha, on the first i went to a figure drawing session at Cogswell! It was pretty fun to get back into figure drawing! I really missed it >_< I haven't really gone back to figure drawing since Sheldon's class ended and I started seriously working on my 112a illustration so it was fun  to get back into it. I didn't really like anything i did, but i realized how far I've fallen, and I'm going back and studying now to get back into the figure drawing groove. I'm going to start going to the SHM figure drawing sessions starting on the 14th! I cant wait :D. Cogswell figure drawing was really cool though! all of their poses were short.  they started the night with 10 second poses and i believe he longest poses were around 5-10 min long. I really enjoyed it. There is just something about short poses that doesn't let you over think your drawings. You take it slow, and even your short poses come out pretty well. Like I said, I am not particularly proud of my stuff from the session, but its a first step to getting back in the groove!

1min poses

I also did a speed painting today from a photo Jonathon Apilado sent me as reference for another illustration Im working on. I need the sunset as reference, but i decided to take the chance and see if i could do a speed painting for it. I kinda cheated with the eye dropper in getting the base colors from the photo, but I was really focusing on getting used to blending in Photoshop. I had been having trouble with the pen pressure on my tablet and I finally figured it out!!!! Damn out of date driver!! >_< sigh!!!!! o well, half a day wasted but its cool, I'm not mad about it ha ha.........

I also did a plein air painting at school, same spot, different view. I FAILED SO BAD. I'm not putting it up! its been a bad gauche day. still fighting the medium. ugh, why cant we be friends gauche! You're so nice to other people, why not I~~!!! ha ha


Wednesday, June 1, 2011


I went plein air painting today. This would technically be my first one. I was fighting the medium a little bit too, just cause i'm still not used to gauche. After I finished the painting, I also did a perspective drawing of the scene. I learned a lot from this attempt.

The weather was so weird! It was very cloudy and the lighting was erratic! There were very few cast shadows. I remember as I set down my brush to end the painting. The sun peered out from behind the clouds to show more defined shadows and values changes. little too late i suppose. I would have gone back and changed it, but the sun only hung around for a short minute before leaving us once again. 

the scan came out badly >_<

Tuesday, May 31, 2011

The Beginning

            Hey there everybody, I'm finally starting a blog! Purpose of this blog is for me to rant about what I'm learning, what kind of issues I'm having with my art and maybe through this i can find the answers to those questions. Writing about the issue might help me reexamine what im trying to do with each piece. First thing first, I shall post my final project for Art 112a.  

Also, here is a speed painting I did today, the first one ha ha, soo off... time: 1 hour

The goal is to do 1 or 2 speed paintings a day, and plein air paint every chance i get. I'll post as many of them as possible.