Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Shmup Ship

So one of my side projects is a Game and this is one of the hero ships. I have to make about 10 more ships so be prepared for some more stuff like this. 

Saturday, November 10, 2012

Winter Project

Hey ya'll! so while I wait for the results for portfolio review, I've been thinking about how much time I have left here at SJSU. I began to realize just how little time I have, and how much I still need to learn... I realized... I only have a year and a half till BFA. that is 3 semesters to reach a level where I can start making a pretty amazing portfolio. That is not a lot of time at all.  So I have Been mulling over my winter project to enhance my skill. I have to do the winter sketchbook (hopefully) and I will be tackling this project I am giving myself. I will be writing a story. hopefully I can finish before the semester ends. I want to get to the point with it by winter break where my research is basically done and I can just get to work on the art. The art will be depicting the world the story is from, the characters, the conflicts, big story moments, and the general mood i am trying to convey from it. I am thinking about this project from a game designers stand point, and even thought about the limitations the main character will have with his skill set that will make this an awesome game too. not that this will be made into a game. but I feel like, if i approach my art so if i choose to push this in that direction. it could go that way. I am making it for a specific purpose, and a specific medium (video games). I hope that makes sense?

Hint: no killing main character. I have been thinking about games and the thought that "Defeating" the opponent has nothing to do with the "killing". but the "defeat". to beat an oppressor, does my main character need to kill? can we approach this in a peaceful or more stealthy defeat? If my enemy feels defeat in other aspects of his life instead of death resolution, will it work?