Monday, December 19, 2011

The Semester of Pain ended nicely!

Hey Hey

This past semester has been the most depressing semester in college for various reasons. Drama practically consumed the latter half of my semester causing me to hit a wall in my drawing and painting... I feel like a backtracked about a year... sigh... It ended nicely though. I got over whatever issues i was having and moved onward! My color rendering turned out pretty well too. It has been  awhile since I got a project to a point where i am actually satisfied with it. for now... its not perfect but it'll do for now. I'll go back to it sometime during winter break!
winter break plans:
2. I gotta get my figure drawing skill up
3. Level 1 of the video game i'm working on is still not done... so i must finish it
4. speed painting everyday.
5. Film studies, gonna watch a film and board every change of camera angle to learn how they compose the shot
6. relax... a lil bit...

I'll upload my color rendering once I figure out why my scanner is being lame!

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  1. yeah. ditto on having an extremely stressful semester (causing me to hit a wall on my own thesis project >,<...) ............. but i got through it as well! and i also agree with 6...relax... but just a little bit. gotta keep going!!