Sunday, December 25, 2011


Here it is! The Christmas Day post! Here are a couple sketches I've done in the past few days and then after those I have my color rendering final from last semester. Unfinished, but ill go back and fix it sometime during the break! 
AFTER that I posted my most recent work. My friends and I had this secret santa Illustration thing and my recipient was Hannah Duenwald! One of her songs of choice was 1985 by bowling for soup. I kinda went on a Tangent with this... I gathered the song was about a person who is living the life of a house wife/mom and she is not fulfilling her dreams. I wasn't quite feeling it!  so i took the dreams aspect and the quadrillion paths a person can go and then I was like wait whenever i imagine that kind of stuff I'm in this dark forest with a bunch of paths, and then since i am a gamer nerd I thought of Kokiri village/forest/temple from Ocarina of time and bam, that's how i got to here. Now that I think about it i should have used Saria as reference for the girl.... >_<  I hope she like it... MERRY CHRISTMAS HANNAH!! I'll be continuing work on this after today... cause i actually liked doing this a lot and I want to finish... lol

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