Sunday, June 5, 2011


No art work for this post, just a short run through of my plans for the summer. I have many things I wanna get done by the end of summer. Mainly because I know when school begins, I can only handle a good 20 % of all the things I want to do. Most if not all of my attention during school is on my art classes and everything else just kinda drifts into nothingness. Therefore this summer is my chance to gain about 13-15 years of mileage i am missing compared to the people around me.

First, as far as gaining mileage! I am currently trying to get at least 1 or two speed paintings done every day. I am also going out and plein air painting every chance i get. It seems that with the current work schedule and other projects, I should be able to do 2-4 a week. I also have to step up my game for figure drawing as I am very behind! I need to be so much better than I am right now if I have any chance to pass the portfolio review next semester.

I am also a part of a few other projects this summer.
1.I am a part of a group called Angry Dojo. This is a group of artists, a writer, Musicians and programmers and we are making a music album, and a video game to follow that story portrayed on the album. The game in particular will be episodic. We are still in the planning stages. We have a story for the first few episodes and we are currently designing the main character for the game. from there we should have a better understanding of the style and we can progress from there! I am also producing a bit of concept art for the game right now. Check out my next post!  ha ha, I'll put up the line art. Check out more info on the game and the music on the tumblr page:

2. Another project that is happening this summer is a short film. We currently have a team of 17 people and we will be having many long nights in the animation lab! We will be entering the film into the digital media competition for imagine cup 2012! As of now, we are trying to come up with stories we could portray that would show some way to better the world.

3. I am also making a video game with my good bud David Do. We also plan to enter this game into imagine cup 2012 in the video game competition. More details soon. We are still throwing around ideas!

4. I started playing DND and I believe we are planning to begin a little comic based on our adventures ha ha. Should be fun :)

O I also have a job. Must go to that twice a week.

WOW thats a lot! wish me luck guys! I'll post some updates on the different projects here and on

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  1. Awesome, Patrick! I need to plan my summer too. You got some cool stuffs going on. Good Luck! :D