Friday, June 3, 2011


I missed a day o darn, i didn't stop drawing though! ha ha, on the first i went to a figure drawing session at Cogswell! It was pretty fun to get back into figure drawing! I really missed it >_< I haven't really gone back to figure drawing since Sheldon's class ended and I started seriously working on my 112a illustration so it was fun  to get back into it. I didn't really like anything i did, but i realized how far I've fallen, and I'm going back and studying now to get back into the figure drawing groove. I'm going to start going to the SHM figure drawing sessions starting on the 14th! I cant wait :D. Cogswell figure drawing was really cool though! all of their poses were short.  they started the night with 10 second poses and i believe he longest poses were around 5-10 min long. I really enjoyed it. There is just something about short poses that doesn't let you over think your drawings. You take it slow, and even your short poses come out pretty well. Like I said, I am not particularly proud of my stuff from the session, but its a first step to getting back in the groove!

1min poses

I also did a speed painting today from a photo Jonathon Apilado sent me as reference for another illustration Im working on. I need the sunset as reference, but i decided to take the chance and see if i could do a speed painting for it. I kinda cheated with the eye dropper in getting the base colors from the photo, but I was really focusing on getting used to blending in Photoshop. I had been having trouble with the pen pressure on my tablet and I finally figured it out!!!! Damn out of date driver!! >_< sigh!!!!! o well, half a day wasted but its cool, I'm not mad about it ha ha.........

I also did a plein air painting at school, same spot, different view. I FAILED SO BAD. I'm not putting it up! its been a bad gauche day. still fighting the medium. ugh, why cant we be friends gauche! You're so nice to other people, why not I~~!!! ha ha


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  1. hahaha Pat, nice post! Keep working! The photo I gave you was really hard for me to paint. Too much detail for me. XD My friend sent it to me as reference to practice how light falls on walls(haha that rhymes). Great on the temperature, but I know it's 'cause you used the eyedropper. haha. I suggest starting super simple. Set up a single object, then light it. Make it a 1hour still life study. :) I did a couple and they're great to focus on the fall off of light and values, because there aren't so many different planes to think about. Go, Patrick, Go!